B.O.U.N.C.E. Basics

Build your resilience muscle and learn the foundational aspects of B.O.U.N.C.E.

The program contains eight modules with hours of educational videos, dozens of activities, and bonus materials.  Learn about the critical components of resilience with the  B.O.U.N.C.E. framework:  Belief, Optimism, Understanding-Self, Nurturing Connections, Compassion, and Esteem.  

You can build your resilience at your own pace.

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Stuck, Stressed, and Stretched?

Bounce forward and get into go-mode! Be purposeful, productive, and prosperous.

What if there was a formula to teach you how to stop your racing thoughts, manage your emotions, and gain control?  Imagine that you'd have clarity and motivation.  You would literally gain more time in your day because you’d have focus and drive.  You could be quicker, faster, and stronger by learning to resilient.

Would you want to know the formula?

I’m Dr. Robin Lavitch, and I’ve been helping people get back on track and into go-mode for more than 20 years. Clients have nicknamed me the "people whisperer" because I know what makes people tick.  I have a doctorate in human behavior, a master's in psychology, and I am certified as a coach.  The background and experience necessary to help you manage change, gain control, and sustain motivation.

  • Happy

    Learn to be optimistic and positive. Handle any situation and bounce back quicker, faster, and stronger.

  • Productive

    Learn what is most important in your life and how to prioritize the activities that are most meaningful and fulfilling to you.

  • Focused

    Feel energized and motivated. Know your value and worth. Gain a broader perspective on how what you contribute to the world.

Be Resilient!

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Robin is one of those people you want to see over and over again. Inspirational, relatable, encouraging and challenges you to really think. One of the most enjoyable speakers I have ever heard. I felt very blessed that I had the opportunity to see her."

Regina Novak, City of Clearwater

B.O.U.N.C.E. Back from Setbacks

The B.O.U.N.C.E. program is designed with scientific principles to create a formula for resilience: insight, inspiration, and implementation. The program is empowering so you can overcome any challenge, recover quicker, and come back stronger. The program has useful tools and practical activities to easily build resilience.


"I highly recommend the BOUNCE program. It helped me identify ways to deal with stress and narrowly tailor my goals so I can accomplish them. It helped me bring harmony into my day."

Dina Arvanitakis, Attorney

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